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Hey there! I am Arsen.

And this is my personal blog, I suppose you are not here by chance, since you have found it somehow from countless internet resources.
Anyway be welcome.

My full name is Arsen Semionov and by day I am VoIP / DevOps Engineer.

I have started more than 10 years ago as a system administrator of a contact center, I had to deal with various different technologies to keep the things up, this gave me valuable skills. It was the time when I got introduced with the VoIP especially with Open Source solutions like Asterisk (the early days of asterisk, ver. 1.2 was my first).

I got obsessed with VoIP.

Currently my primary role is a Senior VoIP Engineer. I specialize in open source VoIP software development.
I have in-depth knowledge of SIP protocol, Kamailio, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH and related applications.

For my clients I provide consultancy services, design, implementation and support (including emergency support) in the following areas:

  • Building large scale communication platforms
  • High Availability / Load balancing / Horizontal scaling
  • CDR / Rate and Billing Systems (developing from scratch, integration with existing solutions )
  • VoIP networks security and monitoring
  • VoIP / SIP troubleshooting

I also have extensive experience in:

  • Linux Administration 🙂
  • Database Administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB..)
  • Cloud computing and virtualization
  • Amazon AWS based solutions
  • Docker

Apart the work which currently takes biggest part of my life you can see me in a training gym. I used to train judo before and I respect this sport as it evolves many important personal qualities.

Thanks for sharing time with me.


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